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Self Improvement

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Here's one of our favorites: this newsletter will motivate you and boost your personal growth. Really.


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If you're a tech junkie — did I just read your mind? — this is the best way to get the best hardware and software news.


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We wish we had this newsletter before, to be on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, growth, investing and startups.


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Do you like to be surprised by weird, amazing, unexpected or thought-provoking content? Then this newsletter might be for you.


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Espresso isn't enough. Here's your weekly dose of design inspiration and great design-related content.


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CSS-in-JS or not? Well, either way you might want to get the best frontend development content in your inbox.

Indie Makers

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As indie makers and digital nomads ourselves, we love this newsletter. Enough said.

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World News

Break your filter bubble. Don't miss critical news about world events and politics.

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Most nerds we know are also gym nerds. And gym nerds like to read about fitness A LOT. So here's a newsletter for them.

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You shouldn't start the week with just work emails, but also with a good dose of memes and funny posts.

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Prepare to be amazed every week with a selection of the best photography shared on Reddit. Warning: it's addictive.

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Writing prompts, crazy ideas, thought-provoking content. This newsletter will probably make you want to write more.

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If you're Apple fans like us, you'll love this selection of news and popular posts about Apple hardware and software.

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If you never get tired of trailers, movie details, film shots and Hollywood news, hit subscribe.

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Personal Finance

Join a great community of people devoted to improve their knowledge and understanding of personal finance.

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Growth and Marketing

Growth, sales, marketing are vast, ever-growing topics. Here's a newsletter to be up-to-date with the latest trends and insider info.

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News and trending posts about crypto currencies and blockchain.

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Make your devices look gorgeous with these hand-picked wallpapers of cities, nature, space and much more.

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How can something as boring as your email inbox become more fun? Find out with this incredible gaming newsletter.

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A great sources of mindfulness content, with lovely detours in Yoga and Buddhism.

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Today more relevant than ever, a weekly dose of philosophy (old and new) will help you see the world in a different light.

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Get ready to be scared or delighted by the best fictional writing on Reddit. An infinite source of entertainment.

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News and discussions about cutting edge cybersecurity technology.

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Whether you travel solo or with your family, whether you're a digital nomad or backpacker, this newsletter will change the way you travel.

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The best news and links on the Android sphere, conveniently delivered to your inbox.

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The perfect newsletter for indie filmmakers. Get the latest news, the best short films, and great tips about writing, filming and post-production.

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